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Our Methodology

Our recruitment procedure goes as follows :
  • Understanding the company and its requirements- in terms of its operations, organizational structure, work culture and future plans for growth.
  • Evaluating position specific efficiency- with reference to job titles, placing accountabilities, deliverables, identifying important result areas, skills and job stability.
  • Establish a target plan- after a thorough evaluation of the key areas and requirements, the team will lay down a strategy to target the desired type of candidates.
  • Industry mapping - Looking for suitable candidates within the industry and listing them all for recruitments.

Sourcing of profiles, weighing the job positions and targeting the key areas.
  • Short listing- Of jobseekers, as per the criteria mentioned by the employer.
  • Evaluation-Testing the suitability of shortlisted candidates for the profile through some specific methods and also judging their interest for the job.
  • Interviews- Create a summary of evaluation of suitable candidates and forward it to the employer for perusal to facilitate the interview procedure.
  • Reference check- Done thoroughly and in a detailed manner for the candidate being hired.
  • Post-recruitment follow up.